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May 22, 2020

Bad English in Japan? –– Reasons why English is not widely understood or spoken in Japan.

Bad English in Japan –– A Conspiracy Theory

January 8, 2020

Customer service in Japan –– “Omotenashi,” a term that translates in both word and deed as hospitality, offering customers unreserved attention and service or to entertain guests wholeheartedly.  Here is an interesting article from The Japan Times that cited the Tokyo taxi experience as an example of the Omotenashi.

Tokyo Taxi Experience

December 5, 2019

It introduces a story about the interest of Japanese people in Guinness World Records and attempting to set one or break an existing record ….. in this instance, the Most Baked Beans Eaten With Chopsticks in One Minute!

Breaking World Records in Japan

November 24, 2019 ––  The story of behind the popularity of KFC as a Christmas dinner favorite in Japan.

How KFC made Christmas all about fried chicken — in Japan

October 18, 2019 –– This article from The Japan Times tells a wonderful story of the popularity of Japanese cuisine with special attention to the everyday food that is a staple of everyday life in Tokyo –– the convenience store egg sandwich!

Japanese Food

October 11, 2019 –– An article from The Japan Times that deals with a very serious workplace problem in Japan.

Boss from Hell

October 5, 2019 –– Exterior views and commentary on our new Tokyo condo.

Adachi-ku Tokyo Japan – A great place to call home!