My Book

The Accidental Professor and Other Tales of an Unexpected Life

In the fall of 2013 I resigned my faculty position at the University of Maine Business School and began to write a book about my unexpected life.  Between my work with the Maine Technology Institute and other distractions, it remains an unfinished manuscript.

I had started writing about my more recent experiences and events.  When I began to seriously research material to confirm and supplement my memory, I started with years of collected memorabilia.  I was overwhelmed by the unbelievable number of documents and objects I discovered.  I initially focused on my experiences that I felt had historical interest, especially those associated with memorable people who touched my life and events where I was a participant.  I also started to deal with more personal issues, trying to understand and communicate my early life.  At this point, I have a vast amount of content to organize, prioritize and get back to writing.

Over the years, although many friends encouraged me to write the book, I had many doubts about the project and excuses for failing to devote sufficient time and effort to the task. The decision last year to relocate to Japan forced me to stop work on the book.

As I was dealing with the details of the relocation, I was contacted and interviewed by an historian writing a book on the 18-year-old vote.  The many conversations and exchange of research and documents has provided a significant incentive and motivation to get on with it.

Now on the way to Tokyo, I am dedicated to devote time to complete the project.

In response to colleagues who have asked me to share some of the draft manuscript, I have decided to provide a link to the material.  If you are interested, please use the following links to access selected sections of “The Accidental Professor and Other Tales of an Unexpected Life.”  Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.