MTI LogoSince January 2014 I have been under contract with MTI to serve as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) and to manage the E-Residence program.

The MTI E-Residence Program

The MTI E-Residence program is designed to provide MTI with flexible and cost-efficient resources designed to assist current portfolio companies in meeting specific business challenges and opportunities by providing the insights the firms need to make informed decisions and take appropriate business actions. The E-Residence reflects the recognition of the broad range of experience, talent, skills and contacts that MTI needs to access and make available to portfolio firms. From the firm’s perspective, the program provides the expert guidance and mentorship that is often so critical to the successful launch of a new technology, product or service. From an institutional perspective, the program is another important way MTI seeks to help funded firms be successful and ultimately repay the State of Maine citizen’s investment.

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