Stranger Than Fiction!

I have previously commented on the number of times I find life in Japan filled with many surprises.  This evening watching BBC world news on TV a headline caught my attention: “Runway dining at $540 a meal proving hit in Japan.”

Curious, I discovered that Japan’s biggest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA), is offering first-class luxury dining on a parked plane at 59,800 yen (US$540.00) a meal. Diners can opt for a cheaper business-class experience for 29,800 yen.

The dining experience takes place on a Boeing 777 parked at Haneda Airport in Tokyo.  ANA just started offering the service this week. After they sold out quickly more dining slots have been added for April.

The “restaurant with wings” idea was conceived by employees who wanted to better utilize idled aircraft as travel demand has evaporated due to the coronavirus pandemic. Having spent countless hours flying around the world, food was always low on my list of flight benefits. I will pass on the opportunity.