A Japanese Jigsaw Puzzle?

We have been informed that our container shipment of personal goods has arrived in Yokohama Japan weeks ahead of the estimated arrival date.  Assuming normal customs clearance formalities, a delivery during the week of December 2-6 is anticipated.  We prefer Friday the 6th to have a 3-day weekend to get everything unpacked and organized, no small undertaking given the extensive nature of the packing entailed.

It will be wonderful to be settled in the condo for the New Year.

That’s the good news.

It remains to be seen if everything will comfortably fit into our condo?  The unpacking and organizing process will be like solving a life-size jigsaw puzzle!

Since we shipped little furniture and have purchased needed items in Japan, the arriving bookcases and small pieces will fit nicely in the condo.  We are trying not to crowd the living area and tatami room.

Our bedroom has ample space for daily seasonal clothing.  It will also accommodate a small desk.  The question of sufficient storage space for other clothing and shoes, books, art/decorative items, a variety of other “stuff” and cooking/dining items is however one primary concern.  The organization of the kitchen in particular will be a major challenge.

Another concern is space for my RC models and hobby tools that made the journey.  Despite my successful sale or gifting of a large portion of the collection, it will require space for storage and a small work area.

Nonetheless, I am confident that our second bedroom is large enough to hold the complete 20′ container shipment with some room to spare.  This will allow us to use it to store and stage everything without disrupting the other areas of the condo as we unpack and decide how to proceed.

Toma can’t wait for his missing toys to be unpacked!


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