August 2 | Tokyo

Keiko made arrangements her to visit with friends from her elementary school days.  She had a wonderful time renewing friendships and sharing memories and stories.

Me? I was off by myself in Tokyo for the day!? Perhaps it was a combined test she planned of my survival skills and ability to navigate the complexity of the Tokyo rail system. In any event, I didn’t get lost until trying to find her parent’s office in Akasuka.  After leaving the Akasuka station I made a wrong turn and needed to take a taxi.

During my great Tokyo adventure, I visited many old and new districts of the city.  Ueno Park where I spent time at the Tokyo National Museum and other sites and the Ginza for more shopping (and a visit to the Apple store to get e-mail).  I even found my way back to the “discount” area to purchase a pair of high-tech sunglasses for the Mt. Fuji trip.

Interestingly, I found myself walking much of the route I traversed during the 2010 Tokyo Marathon. It sparked many memories of the emotions and joy (yes, some pain) I experienced in completing the race.

Dinner was indeed a very special treat.  Sachiko invited us to a small Tokyo neighborhood place where she had taken cooking lessons from the owner-chef.  A unique menu just for us was prepared and served. I cannot recall many meals anywhere in the world that approached the combined taste, aroma, texture and presentation of the food.  Absolutely magnificent. The sake accompanying the meal is also worth noting.  It had a mellow, smooth taste and bouquet.  I had never had such an excellent sake ….. and I consumed a considerable quantity to be sure I was not mistaken.





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