Avaya World Cup Reunion | Tokyo – August 3, 2012

An emotional evening to remember –– 55 men and women who were responsible for the great success of Avaya’s 2002 FIFA World Cup project coming together after 10 years to share friendships and memories.

More than 70% of the team had left Avaya and had not seen each other in many years. Thanks to FaceBook and the efforts of everyone to reach out and spread the word about the event, it was a most successful and enjoyable gathering of the dedicated team that brought great honor to Japan and Avaya.

Thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Kase, Chiho, Yoshi, Nobuteru, and Keiko for attending to the place and details for the event.

More event photos will be posted to the FaceBook event page.

Your past support, continuing friendship and kind words were deeply appreciated.

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