Company Meeting – May 20

On our final day in Tokyo two company meetings were held.  The morning session was a visit with State Street, a global leader in providing financial services to institutional investors.  Joining Japan’s Managing Director, Sakuaki Yasuda, and Vice President Matthew Thomas, via a teleconference from Boston was State Street’s senior executive Dan Bouchard, a UMaine alumni and MBS Advisory Board member.

In the afternoon, we visited with executives from Itochu, one of the largest Japanese trading companies responsible for extensive exporting and importing activities.  Yuya Hirano and Masayuki Amano presented their specific business activities regarding the production and sale of canned tuna around the world.  As two young executives, who studied English at USM, Yuya and Massayuki offered our students insights not only about global and Japanese business but also about how their personal views of work and life in Japan.  A most interesting and lively session. 
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  1. Just curious to hear some thoughts on what everyone learned from these business meetings that was a surprise to them about international business and culture?? NJ

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