Final Tokyo Meals

As regular followers of this blog know, when we travel to Japan Keiko plans many of our activities around what we will eat! Today was no exception.
Lunch was a welcome interlude from our final shopping tasks. We found a small and inexpensive udon noodle shop that was a real treat. It proves again that while Tokyo is one of the most expensive places in the world to live or visit, you can eat quite modestly and enjoy a very wide diversity of foods.
Dinner was another family affair and the event was held at a Chinese restaurant of some renown. The chief has a Japan TV show. The meal was authentic Chinese (compared to the “Chinese” fare we get in the US) that prompted culinary memories of my days in China. Quite a treat and great way to end the day.
Tomorrow we pack and head off on another bullet train ride. Due to the nature and type of tickets we purchased for the MBA trip (and a cancelled CED trip that was to follow) we are flying to Bangor from Osaka (via Tokyo’s Narita and Detroit). Paying $700.00 in change fees seemed excessive so we will see Osaka (Japan’s second largest city) and prepare for the journey home from there. Spending the 5 hour layover at Tokyo’s Narita Airport will be made comfortable through access to the All Nippon Airline lounge –– another example of Japanese quality in product and service.
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