Home Sweet Home

We have completed Phase 1 of unpacking and organizing our personal goods.  The included photos provide a glimpse of the primary living areas (living room, tatami room, kitchen and a work area tucked into the bedroom).  It is a comfortable environment for Keiko, Toma and myself.

There is ample closet space for our selected current seasonal clothing and mandatory storage space.  Unfortunately, a second bedroom is therefore now serving as a walk-in closet storing a surplus of various items –– mostly my books, collections and personal papers, a host of items we discover we really do not need and excess clothing.  Dealing with all that is Phase 2, my focus in the new year.  How to store/dispose of items and organizing the second bedroom as a sensible utility space that can be easily converted to a guest room when needed will be a challenge.

A good sized washroom with a shower/bath area that also houses the washing machine makes up the remaining space.  The condo also provides a community bike storage area and the golf clubs are protected and stored outside on our deck area.



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