I Miss My Accordion

I miss my accordion.  Having played the instrument for 68 years, it brought both personal pleasure and for a time was a source of significant income. It was always in evidence during the holidays and at other gatherings of family and friends.

Sadly, I decided to sell the accordion just before departing for Japan.  It would have been a welcome friend to spend time with during the pandemic.  Perhaps I would have occasionally joined the various street park musicians on a weekend!

The NY Times recently printed a wonderful story about a master accordion repairman in Mexico that sparked many memories and stirred my desire to once again to play my beloved musical instrument.

If you share my enthusiasm, you may enjoy reading the article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/24/arts/music/accordion-repair-francisco-luis-ramirez.html?campaign_id=57&campaign_id=7&emc=edit_mbae_20211126&instance_id=46265&instance_id=46317&nl=morning-briefing%3A-asia-pacific-edition&regi_id=93388816&regi_id=33763219&segment_id=75316&segment_id=75373&te=1&user_id=e54be69add3d6dc111a82076a341830f&user_id=0e618d2b96b343b0f406b483f3dea9e2

BTW ….. June is National Accordion Awareness Month in the U.S.

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