I’m Back and Living My Life ….. Again!

Because of the Covid pandemic, my daily life became a boring but safer, isolated and lonely existence.  The experience caused a strange mix of feeling vulnerable but stress-free at the same time.  One consequence was less enthusiasm for writing my regular blog posts on my life in Japan.

I tried to use FaceBook as an alternative but quickly realized that my earlier decision to abandon the platform was the correct course.  I was better off without the social network.

Over time I felt more confident that my vaccine inoculations would protect me and as conditions began to improve Keiko and I more initiated a more active but far from “normal” social life.  We dined out more frequently, began tennis lessons and playing regularly with friends, and I focused on my golf game.  A new neighborhood indoor practice facility and an easily accessible (and affordable) golf course, have added significantly to my improved mental and emotional state.

Today, with significantly reduced cases of infection in Japan and the first weekend in months without a state of emergency against the novel coronavirus in effect in any prefecture, I am looking to the future with hope and excitement.  I have renewed my commitment to fulfill the many plans I had put on pause since moving to my adopted homeland in the fall of 2019.

This coming weekend, Keiko and I are off to Kyoto to enjoy the spectacular autumn foliage, historic sites and exceptional food the “soul of Japan” offers.  Travel on a Shinkansen will greatly add to the trip’s anticipated pleasure and delight.

Also, with rekindled enthusiasm, I will regularly be writing and posting my views and reflections on my life in Japan as well as other random thoughts and opinions.  I realize now how important the disciplined process of writing was for me as well as an opportunity to maintain relationships with a small but loyal audience of family and friends around the world.

So, I’m back and living my life again!

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