Kyoto Experience II

Our final days in Kyoto were filled with cultural experiences made more enjoyable by being together with such a wonderful group of people. From my personal perspective, this was a most rewarding and exciting trip. I regret that circumstances prevented many others who wanted to visit Japan could not be with us.
I have posted a few photos of events on the final two days in Kyoto. They include a trip to the sake brewery, a few photos of our final 9 course group dinner (including a taste of the famous Japanese blowfish) and our departure from Three Sisters Inn.
Kay Yamada and her staff at the Inn provided a fantastic level of service most appreciated by the students and faculty. The parting gift provided to each guest was a special recognition and thank you for visiting Japan after the March 11 events.
The students boarded a van for the Osaka airport and our nearing a return to Bangor as I write this post. Keiko and I returned to Tokyo by Shinkansan. We will remain in Japan until June 4, visiting with family and friends as well as attending to some professional business appointments.
I hope you have enjoyed these brief reports of our MBA 2011 Japan trip experience. Please check out our student blogs and photographs.
I will continue to make posts of our remaining time in Japan. For now, a day of much needed rest.
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