May 22-23 | Kyoto

Too much to say with little time to say it right now.  The past two days have been filled with group and individual activities enjoying the culture and history of Japan as we toured and experienced the wonders of Kyoto.  Tomorrow we begin our journey back to Orono.

Please return to my blog on Monday as I will post my comments and some photos highlighting the Kyoto “experience”.  You will see us learning the fine art of the tea ceremony and the brewing of sake.  Shrines, temples, gardens, and the serenity of the “Philosopher’s Walk” will be among the featured elements of an intense, rewarding and memorable educational and cultural experience.
I have also posted some selected photos to the MBS MBA PhotoBucket site.  Expect to see it soon populated with hundreds of photos from the students on the trip.
From Kyoto, goodbye for now.
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