On the Road to Japan – Departure Day

Today Toma and I depart on our separate flights for Tokyo. I am flying JAL direct to Tokyo Narita.  He flies Lufthansa with a comfort stop in Frankfurt Germany before continuing on to Tokyo Haneda.  He adapted very well to his crate over the weekend and I trust he is in very good hands.  It was, however, a very tearful experience on my part when Pet Express picked him up at the hotel.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that JAL Premium Economy Class grants you access to the British Airways lounge at Logan Airport.  It is a wonderful environment to finally relax and begin to enjoy my journey to a new life adventure in Tokyo Japan.

Our personal goods will follow by boat.  Departing Boston on October 9 we anticipate arrival and delivery to our condo the week of December 2.  Since we are shipping little furniture and Keiko has done a great job furnishing the condo, we should be able to quickly settle into our new lifestyle.  [In a future post, I will provide more information about and photographs of our Tokyo residence and location.]

Now its time to have some food and a drink to prepare for my 14 hour flight.  Kanpai!


September 30, 2019; Boston Logan Airport British Airway Lounge

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