Paris in Old Tokyo

The August Moon Café is owned and operated by Miki and Dallas Pyle, long-time friends who had also relocated to Tokyo from Maine.  In addition to being one of our regular dining spots, it is also a gathering place when mutual friends from Maine visit Japan.  Last week we enjoyed a pleasant lunch at the café with a Maine visitor, our friend (and favorite dessert and pastry chef-d’oeuvre) Atsuko Fujimoto.

Afterwards we wandered with friends Mikako Nishikawa and Mike Yellen through the old Tokyo Ningyocho neighborhood on a beautiful early spring day looking for a place to have an afternoon coffee and snack.  Although there were many small cafes and bars, we were unfamiliar with the area and had no specific destination in mind when we spotted the Chez Andre du Sacré Coeur, a small café that appeared inviting.

Upon entering, the décor and unpretentious atmosphere immediately impressed me as that of an authentic Parisian bistro.  While we leisurely enjoyed our conversation with a small sample of delicious food, I was captivated by the apparently old family black and white photography on the walls.  I wondered if there was a story of this very French eatery located in the heart of old Tokyo?

As we were preparing to leave, my question was answered.  The owner, Mme. Laurence Masukawa came over to thank us for visiting and bid us farewell.  She briefly explained the interesting history of the café and in the course of a very engaging conversation revealed she not only knew the August Moon Café but that Miki and Dallas were dear friend. Later, Miki said they often dine at Café Andre.

Mike wearing a gift from Cafe Andre

Upon returning home I did some research on Café Andre.  All of the many reviews were very positive, highlighting an exceptional traditional French menu, attentive and unobtrusive service, and very reasonable prices.  And the café’s website tells a wonderful story of the café’s history ( 

Paris in old Tokyo just 30 minutes from home!  Discovery of yet another great place and a surprising relationship that makes living here such an exciting and rewarding experience.

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