Powerful Magnitude 7.3 Earthquake Jolts Japan

A powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Japan around 11:08p.m. on Saturday February 13 off the coast of the Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures in the Tohoku region.

The quake measured a strong 6 –– the second-highest level –– on the Japanese seismic intensity scale. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) did not issue a tsunami warning.

We felt the quake in Tokyo, where it registered a 4 on the Japanese scale. Although our building was shaking for about 5 minutes, it seemed to last forever at the time. We are safe, did not lose power or experience any damage. However, we did get our emergency backpacks, flashlights and other gear ready for use.

According to news reports, the quake was less than a month before the 10th anniversary of the of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a magnitude of 9.0 event, that struck the same region on March 11, 2011. The JMA believes this latest quake was an aftershock from that earlier event and says that more aftershocks of up to a strong 6 on the Japanese scale could occur for at least a week.

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5 thoughts on “Powerful Magnitude 7.3 Earthquake Jolts Japan

    • Toma was asleep on our bed and didn’t appear to notice the shaking. Keiko was watching TV and I was in bed getting some sleep before the Trump impeachment trial reconvened at midnight our time. Keiko saw a “earthquake coming” alert on the TV and I awoke when the shaking started as she came to tell me. With the very evident movement of some things, we went about checking. The 60″ panel TV was shaking but remained secured to a heavy cabinet base unit; smaller things moved but thankfully nothing crashed to the floor. Official reports say the shaking lasted 1-2 minutes and Toma remained calm on the bed, no barking or crying.

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