Seoul, Korea – March 3

We arrived in Seoul this afternoon and I am looking forward to meeting with representative of Sogang University tomorrow and also devoting time to planning a potential MBS-MBA (and/or under-graduate trip) with appointments on Friday and Saturday before returning to Tokyo.
Seoul is a great city and I have fond memories from my time here in 2002 during the FIFA World Cup. There is no doubt that a business and cultural trip to Korea would be a valuable experience. On my list are company visits would be Hyundai, Samsung, LG, FILA, the SK Group and the Shinhan Bank. Positive feedback on all counts thus far. Of course, coming this far it would seem to make sense to also include a visit to Japan. Perhaps by the time the date rolls around, the US$ will be stronger and allow for the experience to fit into our plans, or the Japan leg could be incremental for those who could afford the experience.

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