Shimizu, Shizuoka | August 5-6

Keiko’s parents, sister and her family were at Mt. Fuji Station 5 to greet us on our decent. What relief to be on level ground!

We proceeded by car to a ryokan or very traditional Japanese hotel. The highlight of the evening and next morning were trips to the hot springs and baths. My body screamed “thank you” as I relaxed and soaked in the hot baths and then dove into the ice cold pools.

We then had lunch while cruising the town’s harbor and started back home to Keiko’s parent’s home. Her parent’s treated us to a wonderful authentic Chinese dinner that evening.

The mention of food however prompts me to mention the the absolutely fabulous Japanese peaches the family had purchased on Saturday. It was the first “real” food I had tasted in nearly 24 hours.

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