Snow in Tokyo?

Today was the coldest and wettest day of the winter season (about 40F) and weather forecasts predicted we might have snow in Tokyo! While there may have been some flurries somewhere in the great metropolis, I found no evidence of snow today.

Tomorrow, the forecast is for a return to mild temperatures (mid 50’sF) and clear blue skies. CORRECTION: The mid-day temp today was 63F!!

That said, I took the following photo in our local shopping mall this evening––

I had a Maine flashback moment and wondered if my neighbors had emptied the shelves of milk and bread!?

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2 thoughts on “Snow in Tokyo?

  1. That’s funny, a Maine flashback.
    The climate sounds dreamy!
    We’ve had dramatic temperature swings, mid 80’s to mid 50’s for the highs, over the past few weeks. But, it’s not snowing or days on end of gray and we are enjoying that! We have just needed to wear socks and shoes.
    We’ve been riding our bikes and plan to explore Florida on our trail bikes this winter.
    Dan and I have been busy with work. Boys busy with school and the soccer season has begun, so fun.
    Levi turned 9 on January 24th and Miles will be turning 11 on February 11th. So, time is passing and we are growing. Our plan is still to move to North Carolina this summer.
    Sending hugs to all. We love you.

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