Super Bowl Monday!!

Getting ready for my personal SuperBowl Party watching the game live in Tokyo at 8:30 AM JST Monday February 8th on the DAZN sports channel.

That there will be no halftime show doesn’t bother me but I will miss the commercials. In the past, they were often more fun and interesting to watch than the game!

In any event, with an ample supply of Japanese beer and snacks for the game, I am preparing my award-winning “Super Bowl of Chile” for a half-time brunch. Keiko is working from home and I expect she will join Toma and I for the culinary experience.

Growing up around New York City, the N.Y. Giants were my team, so when living in Maine I never could root for the New England Patriots. However, I always appreciated Bill Belichick’s coaching genius (he was a former defensive coordinator for the Giants), Tom Brady’s talent and Rob Gronkowski’s attitude. I am looking forward to seeing if the Brady/Gronk duo will demonstrate some of the Patriots magic to topple Patrick Mahomes and company.

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