The Beatles and Bond, 60 Years On

The above headline is taken from The Economist newsletter of October 7, 2022 (my 79th birthday!) leading a feature story that sixty years ago this week the Beatles released their debut single, “Love Me Do”, and the first 007 James Bond film “Dr No” premiered in London.

I recall both events that eventually had seismic cultural impact but never associated them with my birthday. Another interesting coincidence in my unexpected life.

Excited to be alive and healthy at 79, I will celebrate the day listing to my Beatles music collection and begin watching all 25 Ian Fleming 007 films that are now available free on Amazon Prime Video.

Happy Birthday!
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4 thoughts on “The Beatles and Bond, 60 Years On

  1. Hi Paulie…… today IS Oct. 7…. Happy Birthday to you! I am ushering at Merrill Auditorium tonight and excited to see the Broadway phenomenon…. Chicago!

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