Tokyo Day 3 – Return to the Classroom

Day 3 began with a visit to Tokyo’s Chuo University and a 2 hour lecture seminar with Dr. Kazunori (Icko) Suzuki, Professor of Finance. Dr. Suzuki offered a stimulating talk and discussion of the “Economic Environment and Post-Tsunami Recovery Issues of Japan.”
The session provided the students with a overview of the Japanese economy and a penetrating analysis of the post-Tsunami issues. Dr. Suzuki’s candid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the Japanese economy, and the policy challenges confronting the citizens, businesses and government prompted a lively and enlightening discussion.
UMaine readers may remember the 2010 visit by Dr. Suzuki to the Orono campus at the invitation of Dr. Richard Borgman. Keiko and I had the pleasure to get to know Icko on a personal level and are deeply appreciative of his friendship. His lecture was one of the highlights of the current MBA trip.

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