Tokyo Gets Ready for Christmas!

I recall my amazement on an early trip to Japan in December 2000 walking around the Ginza district and feeling I was on 5th Avenue in New York during the holiday season.  Same sensation last night as we went for a walk in the neighborhood and discovered the appearance of new Christmas decorations and lighting!

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3 thoughts on “Tokyo Gets Ready for Christmas!

  1. Hi Paul,
    Strange these days to bike or walk past Colonial Village and glance over at #5. The previous residents used to leave their front door open, letting sunlight stream in, and a festive string of white lights was always visible through the front window. The new tenants keep their front door closed tight, even in nice weather, and the living room window blind is always shuttered tight. On a bright note, Yumi and I just returned from a short trip to Cologne, Germany and I can report the schnitzel and beer is delightful!

    • I don’t have any data but it is a very small % of the population. We are having a family Christmas event and I plan on doing my traditional antipasto and Feast of the Seven Fishes. But we will soon place an order for KFC (no turkey in Japan but KFC is big on Christmas) and a strawberry short cake for dessert!! The Japanese just love to party. (Holloween is also a big here. When the cherry blossoms bloom, all the Tokyo parks are party central!

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