Tokyo R&R

Arriving back in Tokyo Thursday evening, we were greeted by family members and two 4.1 earthquakes.
On Friday, our first day back in Tokyo, Keiko and I slept late and relaxed at her parent’s home. We then headed off for a day of shopping in Akihabara–I in the search of a hobby shop to feed my remote control model habit. Found both the shop and the model, an F1 Ferarri! Now, will Keiko buy me an early Christmas gift??
We had fun looking at all the latest various home and personal electric and digital gadgets in the largest store in the district.
We then went to Akasaka for a dinner with old friends from Avaya and our FIFA World Cup team. It was a wonderful time and I am humbled by their friendship and kindness.
We had quite a conversation on the future of Japan and I was impressed with the views and opinions of these capable young professionals. Interestingly, three are now working for different technology companies including one at CISCO and another who is CEO of a start-up enterprise. All great contacts for a future MBA visit.
On the way home, I stopped, on the recommendation of colleague Jason Harkins, to have my ears cleaned and “picked”–a most interesting process. The de-waxing was??––the massage of the ears, nose, eyes and face was quite refreshing.
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  1. I am right there with you on the dewaxing. I am glad I did it once, but I don't think I will ever do it again. Did they at least get get a lot of wax out?

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