Tokyo Update (5/31-6/1)

Relaxing in Tokyo can be tiring. We have walked countless miles as we connect with many old and new friends, trek to a favorite eating spot, hunt for gifts and pickup personal items we cherish from Japan.
Yesterday we visited with someone I had not seen in 8 years ….. and it seemed like only yesterday. Mark Uno had served as President of Avaya-Japan when I secured the company’s FIFA World Cup sponsorship for Japan-Korea in 2002. We developed a strong professional and personal relationship. It was good to see him after so many years.
Next year marks the 10 year anniversary of that landmark event and I am hoping we can arrange a Tokyo reunion gathering. I’d really be excited to see that team together again.
Another great dining experience as well. Keiko found a small “yakitori” bar where we met with Sachiko to thank her for her help on the MBA trip. The selection of grilled meats and veggies plus a bottle of wine was fabulous (the pork, brussel sprouts and white asparagus were my favorites). BTW, Groupon in Tokyo works great.
Today we toured Tokyo and then visited with friends at Itochu. The photo with this post is the future leadership of this powerful Japanese trading company. The young professionals pictured here represent the firm’s global business in electronics, food (fish and meats) and chemicals as well as the corporate finance and IT functions.
We ended our day at a family-style sushi restaurant with Keiko’s parents.
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