Our furry little friend has adapted quickly to life in Tokyo.  He handled his 6500 mile trip from Boston to Tokyo via Frankfurt like a seasoned traveller.  While the nearby park makes for an enjoyable place to walk, Toma also likes walking the city blocks.

Nearly every morning and evening, Toma joins me as we accompany Keiko to and from the local train station for her daily work commute.  He sits patiently waiting for her in the evening, drawing a smile from many other commuters.

Last weekend Toma took his first train rides when we went to Chiba to visit Keiko’s mother.  He enjoyed his little travel bag that can be rolled or carried in a front facing position so he can see us.

And today, he had his first Japanese grooming experience.  We found a convenient veterinarian that also provides grooming service.  Toma is comfortable in his new home and proud to be a Tokyo resident!

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