Touring Tokyo – May 17

The weather cleared and we began our day of touring Tokyo with a 3 mile walk to the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park district through Nihombashi; many interesting stops in route.  What

 would a trip to Tokyo be without a video game experience?
The first group photo was taken at the Imperial Palace.

Our next stop was the Asakusa district where many thousands of Japanese gathered for the annual Meiji Shrine Spring festival.  Called the “hottest” festival in Japan, it includes a compendium of traditional cultural events, performances and food.  It is said that “time has stopped” here in Asakusa since the Edo Period and our students enjoyed a
an afternoon of entertainment, shopping and eating.
The day concluded with a visit to the Odaiba district via a boat tour of Tokyo Harbor.  Odaiba is a huge amusement zone where student’s enjoyed shopping (the 100 Yen shops was a ig hit!), delicious food and various entertainment on Tokyo Bay.  Keiko’s family members joined the students for much of the day.

Tomorrow we begin three days of company visits.
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  1. Hi Paul,

    Glad you are enjoying the trip. The blogs have been a blast and makes me think I should attempt a trip in the future.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Todd Saucier
    UM Alumni Exec. Director

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