Yakitori & Cheese Steaks in Tokyo!?

We are experiencing lovely spring-like weather. It was 62F today. Keiko and I have used the opportunity to go on some neighborhood discovery walks through traditional old-time Tokyo neighborhoods that surround our oasis-like high-rise complex.

Yesterday we passed a small food store-front that offered Yakitori, other fried Japanese treats. The wonderful aroma caused to take a closer look and we saw pork belly in sweet soy sauce and curry-flavored potatoes. We could not resist, purchased a take-away assortment and enjoyed an unexpected lunch. All for less than 1000 Yen!

Yakitori, Pork Belly and more. Inexpensive great tasting Japanese comfort food.

Speaking of comfort foods, today I decided it was time for a old favorite – the “Philly Cheese Steak”! Mike’s in Philadelphia is still the king of this blue-collar gourmet dish but Paul’s Tokyo version was a satisfactory substitute.

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