A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to …..

That old Broadway line was brought to mind as Keiko and I were taking a walk around the building location of our new condo last week.  We were early for a meeting with a contractor and were leisurely exploring the surrounding neighborhood.

As we were finishing the tour an elderly Japanese gentleman appeared walking across from us. He stopped and was staring at me.  We stopped as well.  After a few moments of silence, he said inquiringly to me in perfect English “Where are you from?”  Not certain of his intent, I answered “Tokyo.”

He smiled and said “No, where are you from originally?”  I apologized in Japanese and answered “the United States.”  He walked up to us, saying “I thought so” as he extended his hand in greeting.

After introducing ourselves, we were then treated to a very friendly and informative 15 minute conversation.  His English was flawless.  He said he has lived all his life in the area and provided us with interesting historical information beginning with the Edo or Tokugawa period in 1603.

He welcomed us to our new home.  As we were parting, he said he walks the neighborhood every morning and that perhaps we would meet again.

We said thank you waving good-bye and turned to each other with the same look of bewilderment.  A mere coincidence?  Frankly, what are the chances of that “just happening” in Tokyo, a metropolis of over 39 million people?  Fate?  Destiny?

We agreed that for whatever reason, the strange encounter was a positive sign and confirmation that Keiko made a good decision in buying the condo.

I am looking forward to seeing him again ….. if he really lives there?

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