Toma’s New Adventure

Neither Keiko nor I miss having a car in Tokyo. But I suspect that Toma does miss his daily rides in the car to the Back Cove and Mackworth Island as well as other frequent trips around the Portland Maine area. Indeed, I suspect he really doesn’t understand what happened to the Audi TT Roadster. He loved proudly riding around in that car with top down!

To compensate, Toma had his first bike ride.

“Not quite the TT Paul, but it will do.”
“A cool trip! Don’t stop now.”

He and we really enjoyed the experience. Keiko and I shared the transportation duties, while Toma was safely tucked into his travel backpack. Next trip we will try to get some video clips.

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One thought on “Toma’s New Adventure

  1. That’s cute. Glad to see you all on bikes! I think it’s great you don’t need or have a car! The pictures of the parks are beautiful, and a great space to be barefoot a while.
    We miss you.

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