An Extraordinary Kyoto Dining Experience

I enjoy visiting Kyoto, a magical city that has everything I love most about Japan. It’s the cultural and historical heart of the country, and a place where you can sample some of the most delicious food to be had anywhere in the world.

Keiko and I are self-proclaimed “foodies” and have enjoyed many wonderful and memorable meals together. However, no prior dining experience compares to our recent Kyoto dinner!

Kyoto is famous for the refined and delicate taste of its sublime kaiseki cuisine, a traditional multi-course meal that is considered to be the pinnacle of Japanese “haute cuisine”.

The setting for this dinner was Iharada, a small restaurant highly recommended by friends. Although not located in Kyoto’s famed Gion district, an area known for its geisha and myriad Michelin 4-starred restaurants, we were seated at a eight-seat counter of a charming venue so we and just another couple could watch the owner-chef prepare and serve our food.


The nine-course meal consisted of multiple healthy, balanced, and delicious small dishes that included tofu, seafood, seasonal vegetables, and rice. I drank ample sake, including a cup of rare sake offered by another guest, to accompany the meal.

The atmosphere was enchanting. The feast an artistic and culinary delight.

I feel as if no matter how much I would say and how many details I would give, I would still not manage to do justice to this unique dining experience. Hopefully you will enjoy a virtual taste while viewing the brief slideshow.

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