Mamma Mia … ABBA Returns!

ABBA is one of my favorite all-time pop rock groups. I have all their albums and many of the songs are the most played selections on my extensive eclectic music collection. I have seen the stage show “Mamma Mia!” four times and often play the DVD of their Tokyo 1980 concert on the group’s final tour.

Although the Swedish group sadly disbanded about 40 years ago, on November 5, 2021 they released a new album, “Voyage.”

The RollingStone said it best: “The Swedish super troupers ride again with Voyage, and there’s never been a comeback story like this one: all four original members of a great pop band, reuniting after 40 years apart, with all their powers intact. This album would be a one-of-a-kind historic event even if the songs blew—but it’s vintage Abba, on par with their classic 1970s run. It evokes the days when the Norse gods ruled the radio, combining two of the Seventies’ hottest trends: heartbreak and sequin-studded pantsuits.”

I am thankful for the music. Nostalgia is energizing.

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