Molson 2012 – Case 1

Team Maine had a disappointing start in the first case against the team from the Asper School of Business (Manitoba). Asper was awarded a 8-3 win. Those familiar with the competition will recognize that the judging score is not the best way to evaluate either the value of the experience or the level of presentation performance.
The first case, “Sell or Stay”, presented the situation of a 23 year old recent MBA graduate and son of a 50% owner of a private eastern European firm dealing with the unfortunate death of the father. The questions of business strategy and personal decision were the focus of the case.
Teams have three hours to analysis the case and prepare their presentation, 25 minutes to present, and 15 minutes of a Q&A session with either a 5 or 3 panel of judges comprised of Montreal businesspeople.
At 7:30AM this morning, after spending last night at a Montreal Canadians hockey game, Team Maine gathered for another three hour preparation session on Case 2, “Technology Plus, Inc.: Moving Onward”.
Jason and I were pleased with the team’s 11:00AM Case 2 presentation and Q&A performance. More later on the judge’s opinion and the Case 3 experience scheduled for this afternoon.
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