Time Flies

It is hard to believe all that has changed in my life in the space of one year.

Keiko and I had long planned a 2018 fall season trip to Japan to visit family and friends while enjoying the mountains and valleys of Japan dyed red with the changing foliage.  Over the summer, we decided to sell our Crystal Lake home and seriously consider a possible relocation to Tokyo.

By the time we departed for Japan on November 10, 2018 we had a contract pending on our Crystal Lake property, had signed a one-year lease on a Falmouth condo and were heading to Japan to, in addition to our original purpose, also explore the job market, see potential places to live and think about many details related to a possible relocation to Tokyo.

Upon our return just after Thanksgiving, we had just three weeks to plan and execute a move to meet the December 14 closing date!

Once settled in our condo, our just hopeful relocation plans quickly became reality.  Everything seemed to come together at an unexpected accelerated pace.

In January we had initiated the lengthy Japanese veterinary protocol to have Toma exported without quarantine and in March Keiko authorized the head hunters she had met with on our recent trip to proceed with job applications.

Although hopeful, we did not anticipate the quick positive response.  On June 19 she was off to Tokyo with a July 1 start date for her new accounting management position.  Toma also cleared the protocol requirements and we only needed to satisfy an 180 day waiting period.

While Keiko worked on her entry requirements, my Certificate of Eligibility for a spousal resident visa and possible living accommodations, I handled finding a container shipping company, Toma’s veterinary and transportation needs and the continued disposal of vehicles, furniture and personal goods that would not make the trip to Japan.  It was a busy, difficult time for both of us made tolerable by daily FaceTime calls.

Within a period of four months our mission was accomplished.  On October 1 Toma and I departed Boston to join Keiko in our new Tokyo condo.

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One thought on “Time Flies

  1. We are all sad we are so far apart now but also so happy for the three of you! We hope we can come visit you in Tokyo!
    Love you dad.

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