Tokyo: A Food Lovers Delight!

Tokyo is a food lovers delight! With more than 150,000 restaurants, the city offers a staggering number of places to eat. The options range from simple, fun, cheap and fabulously good neighborhood eateries to Michelin stared fine dining establishments.

Dictionaries generally define the term “foodie” as ‘a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.’ Keiko and I are dedicated “foodies,” we simply like to eat!

With our cooking utensils and dishware still on a boat making its way to Japan from Boston, we have been either enjoying pre-made meals from the local food market or eating out at a wide variety of restaurants.

You may be surprised to learn that you can enjoy the culinary delights of Tokyo on a budget and also lose weight! You walk a lot in getting around Tokyo and that alone is a health benefit. (But, we also joined a sports/wellness center to say fit!)

Frankly, we are enjoying our eating routine so much that we have decided to continue the practice even after our container shipment arrives, cooking only on a weekend night or when we entertain.

Our choice of a place to eat varies and we are exploring a variety establishments in our immediate neighborhood area. I have roughly calculated that we could eat at a different place every night for a month without a repeat visit.

The Japan Times does a great job covering the Tokyo food scene and I was taken with a recent article titled “2010s: The decade Japanese food took over the world.” It tells a wonderful story of the popularity of Japanese cuisine with special attention to the food that is a staple of everyday life in Tokyo –– the convenience store egg sandwich!

Click here to read it now: Japanese Food

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