Tokyo | July 26, 2012

Out first full day in Japan after a comfortable flight and restful evening.

We spent the day in a sizzling hot Tokyo with family, enjoying a special summer Ramen lunch (a mild spicy soup served cold), a tour of the new Sky Tree Tower complex (the tallest structure in the world – 634 meters) with a breath-taking 50 second elevator ride to the top observation deck (@ 600 meters per minute!), finishing the day with a sushi dinner – absolutely the finest seafood to be had anywhere.

Tomorrow we head off to the Ginza district for haircuts, some shopping and a luncheon place Keiko has been raving about since we planned the trip.  As close friends know, she plans many aspects of our Japan adventures around favorite dishes she wants to enjoy again or sample for the first time.

Photos will begin appearing with posts over the weekend.

While in Japan, I can be reached most directly on my Japanese mobile through

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