Tokyo | July 27

After a fast 2 mile exercise walk through Chiba, we enjoyed a wonderful Japanese breakfast.

The task for the day was haircuts. Another very hot and humid day spent touring the Ginza district. After getting my haircut, I spent tiime waiting for Keiko visiting most of my favorite shops checking out the fashionistas and observing the fascinating aspects of Japanese retail culture. To escape the heat I periodically camped out at the original Tokyo Starbucks (now offering free wi-fi) with a cold drink, my music and a Kindle book. It was a long 4 hour time block until Keiko’s appointment was complete.

As a special treat we ate a late lunch in a high-end department store restaurant having a pork Katsu meal. The perfectly lightly fried filet literally melted in your mouth.

After more shopping tasks, a quick visit to Tokyo station to pickup tickets for our coming Hiroshima trip and meeting parents at their business location.

Dinner was another family affair at a typical local “family style” place — in western terms, “comfort food.”

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