UMaine Wins Case 4 – In the Semi-Finals?

In a major victory on Thursday, 1/6, the UMaine team has moved into 2nd place in its division. Maine earned a significant 8-3 win over the Paris School to place 11th overall in the competition with just a few points separating the top teams. At this point, only one team is assured a place in the semi-final round.

Since 9 teams make the semi-final round, Maine is now in a strong position to be one of those teams based on the performance of the teams in the last case tomorrow.

If Maine wins against the divisional leader (Aalto of Finland), we should earn a spot. Aalto has lost to a team Maine has already bested in an earlier case.
In addition to our performance however, other factors that may decide the final result …… primarily the fact that in addition to Maine, a number of the other top 11 teams are facing off against each other in the last case.
So, you can see that Friday, 1/7 will be an exciting and dramatic day in Montreal.
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