Molson Update – Wednesday, January 5

Wednesday is called “moving day” at the competition since there are two cases … a an already very intense and competitive environment.

The UMaine team won its first case (6-5) in a close decision against Asper. The case was an international marketing case involving a German company in France competing in the lighting industry when CFL lights were mandated by the EU. Both teams had made similar analyses and recommendations. The judges’ decision to favor Maine was based on its “well presented, direct” recommendations and its ability to answer questions. Overall the feedback said the team “spoke well” and exhibited “good teamwork.”
Maine lost the afternoon case – another international business case – with a 7-4 decision to LUMS. Frankly, we were all disappointed in the result and somewhat confused by the judges’ comments regarding a “lack of creative alternatives” that appeared to be the deciding factor. Both John and I felt the team had been impressive with both content and its presentation. Relative to the other team, we thought our team had won the case convincingly.
The case was modeled on Rio Tinto and concerned “best practices” in winning contracts in developing markets in the mining industry. Despite the result, the judges’ comments were consistent with other feedback Maine has been receiving …. such as “good clear presentation with effective time management” and the ability to defend “their position consistently well.”
Notwithstanding the loss, overall the UMaine team remains in a strong competitive position, placed third in its division in a very tight point race (3 teams with 2-1 records) and 15th overall in the total competition.
Today’s “live case,” just now beginning, concerns Canada’s global commercial strategy …. indeed the firm is the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service. It should be a most demanding case with Maine up against the Paris School.
Given other competitive lineups, at the end of the day Maine to greatly improve its competitive position in both the division and overall with another strong performance. Go Black Bears!
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