Victory in Case 1

The UMaine team won their first case today with a clear 7-4 victory against a polished Laurier team. They earn a total of 37 points for the win and are placed second in the division after round one.

The case involved an Indian-Japanese (Honda) joint venture in India’s scooter/motorcycle market. The judges’ feedback was extremely positive citing the UMaine team as “confident presenters” with an analysis that provided a “clear evaluation of the market and direction of the business.” The judges also said the team was excellent at handling questions and noted their “ability to defend and build on their recommendation.”
John, Jason and I are proud of the team’s hard work and accomplishment today.
Tomorrow the team will compete in two cases. The morning case against Asper is another 3 hour preparation with a 25 minute presentation and 15 minutes of questioning. The afternoon case, against Paris, is a “short” case likely requiring the team to advise a business on an emerging crisis situation.
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